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Multi Coloured Cat Collars & Accessories

For a bright colourful look choose from these multi colour cat collars and tags, or pick collars which come in a choice of colours for multi-cat families

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SuperCat Cat ID Tag

SuperCat Cat ID Tag£10.99Add to Basket  (3)

Chirpy Friends Cat Collar

Chirpy Friends Cat Collar£11.99   £9.99Add to Basket

Woodland Wildlife Cat Collar | Bird

Woodland Wildlife Cat Collar | Bird£11.99   £9.99  (1)

Woodland Wildlife Cat Collar | Owl

Woodland Wildlife Cat Collar | Owl£11.99   £9.99Add to Basket  (2)

Woodland Wildlife Cat Collar | Squirrel

Woodland Wildlife Cat Collar | Squirrel£11.99   £9.99  (1)

Cerise Tartan Cat Collar

Cerise Tartan Cat Collar£7.99  -  £8.99Add to Basket  (1)

Hunting Tartan Cat Collar

Hunting Tartan Cat Collar£7.99  -  £8.99Add to Basket  (5)

Black Batman Cat Collar

Black Batman Cat Collar£6.99  -  £7.99Add to Basket  (12)

The Flash Cat Collar

The Flash Cat Collar£6.99  -  £7.99Add to Basket  (7)

Ultimate Superhero Cat Collar

Ultimate Superhero Cat Collar£6.99  -  £7.99Add to Basket  (7)

White Batman Cat Collar

White Batman Cat Collar£6.99  -  £7.99Add to Basket  (14)


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