Welcome to Cool Cat Collars,

The website dedicated to all things feline.

Welcome to Cool Cat Collars, the website dedicated to all things feline. We understand that cats, and their owners prefer the finer things in life and our aim is to provide quality cat collarsharnesses and cat tags to meet the exacting standards of both cat and owner.

Cool Cat Collars is run by a dedicated team of cat lovers in the UK with years of experience in the pet trade via the internet. You can be assured that all products we stock have passed our own criteria and would be (and often are!) used by our own cat. Find out more or check our our blog

What our customers are saying:

Almost perfect
18 July 2024  |  Pascale

Very pleased with hand-made black leather collar except for a small loop that was missing (in order to keep the end tucked in): I had to remove an old metal tie/loop from the old broken collar. Once on, it was perfect really. You might want to add this to the design (just like on belts, so they donít just drop)

Red leather cat collar
17 July 2024  |  Celia

Purrfect! I had been looking for a comfortable, hard-wearing cat collar for my cat. Shops only seemed to have fabric ones, which fray and can catch cat claws in. This collar was great and delivered promptly. Thank you.