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Velcro Fastening Cat Harnesses and Cat Leads

We searched high and low for comfortable, safe soft cat harnesses which a cat won't wriggle out of and have found simply the best cat harness - these are the cat's whiskers and we supply them with leads.

Designed and expertly made in the UK, these cat harnesses have been tested on many cats and the design perfected resulting in a cat harness which cat owners and their cats thoroughly approve of. These jacket style, easy and safe, cat harnesses are now in stock.  

Luxury cat harnesses now available in a range of colours and designs - some plain, some patterned and in colours for the boys and the girls. So no excuse now, you house cats, get your walking boots on! These fabric cat harnesses are escape-proof. So even if you have a Houdini cat in the family we are pretty confident you will not be disappointed with these top notch cat harnesses.

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Most cats between the ages of 14 weeks and 14 years can be successfully lead-trained with patience and rewarding.

Let the cat sniff and investigate the harness first - just leave it lying around. Next get the cat adjusted to wearing the harness for a little while each day for several days. It's important to associate the harness being put on right at the beginning with outside so either go outside with the cat or hold it up to the window and let it look at the outside.

Lastly attach a lead to the car harness and let the cat drag it around  the house for a few minutes each day. Finally pick up the lead and show the cat it is restrained by pulling gently towards you, calling him to come to you and give a treat.

After some practise in the house, venture outside and your cat will probably run a bit, stop, sniff, roll, eat some grass and will soon get the hang of "walkies"!