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Beautiful Cat Safety Collars, Quick Release Buckles and Removable Bells

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Blackberry Tartan Cat Collar

Blackberry Tartan Cat Collar£7.99  -  £8.99  (6)

Chirpy Friends Cat Collar

Chirpy Friends Cat Collar£11.99   £9.99

Clotted Cream Velvet Cool Cat Collar

Clotted Cream Velvet Cool Cat Collar£7.99  -  £8.99Add to Basket  (1)

Coconut White Velvet Cool Cat Collar

Coconut White Velvet Cool Cat Collar£7.99  -  £8.99Add to Basket  (2)

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Looking for a wonderful distinctive and most importantly safe cat collar? If yes then you have come to the right place. Cool Cat Collars stocks one of the best collections of cat collars, with styles and colours to suit any cat and prices for any budget. All of our cat collars are safety cat collars with either breakaway clasps or safety elastic. Even if you have an indoor cat, as many people do nowadays, there is always a chance that they will sneak out of an open door or window should they spy their chance. Many cats who are seen with no collars or cat tag are presumed strays and often taken in by the RSPCA or other organisations with very little chance of being reunited with their families.

As you will no doubt already be aware the most important reason for getting a cat collar is safety. It is much easier to retrieve a cat should they go astray if they are wearing a personalised cat collar

Cats being natural hunters, climbers and general mischief makers can often find themselves squeezing though the tightest of spots, climbing trees or rushing through brambles. For this reason it is imperative that any collar you should buy for your cat is fitted with some kind of safety device, designed to free the cat should it become snagged on their adventures. Cool Cat Collars only supply safety cat collars for this reason.

Aside from the safety aspects there are many beautiful cat collars and cat tags which will enhance your cats’ appearance. It’s important to purchase a cat collar to match your cats’ individual personality, something to make them even more beautiful, distinctive and interesting than they already are. Cool Cat Collar have designs available in many colours, sizes and even with diamantes for the ultimate princesses.