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Should I Put a Bell on My Cat Collar?

1 CommentFriday, 11 April 2014  |  Admin

There's been quite a bit of discussion around using bells on cats collars to help deter them from catching birds and many would endorse this view that they do help to protect our wildlife and so we should use them.

However, not everyone would agree with this commonly held view in the UK.

A comment I had once from a customer in France illustrates cultural differences which exist across Europe. He emailed me to thank me for the very fine collar but said that he had had to remove the bell because it stopped his cat from hunting effectively.

So it was very interesting for me today to receive this from a customer in Austria

Actually, do you have regular feedback about bells? I bought some (and
> > find them quite fun), and my cats did not seem to mind them ... and I
> > thought that, perhaps, I was giving birds a chance ... although my cat
> > regularly brought in birds and mice so the bell did not hinder his
> > hunting ... and then more and more Austrians told me how cruel bells are
> > in the sense that they interfere with the cat's own delicate hearing ...
> > which I can understand ... and might hinder it from hearing, say, a car
> > coming along the road, ... thus leading it to have an accident ... and
> > in the end I took the bells off the cats' collars ... don't you get
> > feedback of this sort in the UK too? I would be interested to hear ...

My daughter likes to have a bell on her cat so that she can hear where he is and what he is getting up to around the house and I have heard this from other cat owners.

So, to bell or not to bell,  that is the question

We'd love to hear your views on this enlightened


Never Too Old for a Cat Harness

1 CommentFriday, 11 April 2014  |  Admin

Bugsby, our latest catwalk model tells us a bit about how he felt when his humans decided he was going to don a cat harness and go for a walk in the garden


His humans said

"Our Bugsy was not too happy the first time but today, called him over and said I want to put his jacket on and, blow me down he came over and sat beside me and allowed me to to put it on without any objection!!

A half hour walk around the garden and in for treats and the end of a lovely day!

They said it could not be done, he’s too old, he is his own man well we beat him up and smothered him with treats and he went around and around the garden. It’s very breath-taking for me but and for Sue if he escaped so, the cat run comes in a week or two..
He does not seem to be smiling and hopefully he will associate the Tartan Jacket with going out!"


Surprise Your Cat Each month

Friday, 11 April 2014  |  Admin

Today sees the launch of an innovative new subscription scheme for cat owners who can order a box of goodies for their cats to be delivered to them each month.

These cat hampers will contain 4 to 6 hand picked goodies including food, treats, toys, health products, grooming products and accessories and each month it will be a surprise for you and your cat. 

Here's a taster of some of the exciting gifts which could be included in your boxes over the coming months

Stuck for a gift idea for a cat owner? These hampers can also be purchased as a one-off for a unique gift idea.

Go on, why not treat yourself - you know you and your cat deserve it smiley


And what do our pets have to say about all of this?

Crazy says "Pretty please, I am a good boy"

Butty says, "But what about me,  I am a good girl aren't I?

Will they me making Woof Hampers soon?"

Cat Hampurr can be found by clicking here






What's New Pussycat?

Tuesday, 18 March 2014  |  Admin

Our double velvet collars for cats who don't like wearing collars have been featured in this months Your Cat Magazine. Thanks to Chloe from Your Cat we have had the chance to test these collars with a number of cat owners who volunteered to try them out. She will be writing about the results in her blog soon.

Thank you Chloe!

The Easy-wear collar featured and shown above is our Red Double Velvet Cat Collar which you see by clicking here along with our training tips for reluctant collar wearers.

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