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UK Company Molly's Mice

7 January 2013  |  kelly

Our cat can confirm that the catnip mice made by Molly's Mice are toys cats adore, filled with truly irresistible and undiluted catnip.  

We filmed him and his first encounter with one of these toys seen in this video.

He wouldn't leave it alone for days and preferred to play with the mouse instead of cuddling with his human on the sofa - much to the chagrin of that human!



The Company

Feona and Andy run Molly's Mice from their home in York.

They say "Inspired by Molly, our playful catnip-loving cat, we formed Molly's Mice at the beginning of 2012 to produce a range of quality handmade catnip toys. Our catnip and our mice are rigorously tested by Molly and our panel of test cats and all our mice are handmade in York from ears to tail!"

Catnip Mouse Cat Toys

Not only are they great fun to play with but they come in a variety of fabric colours and patterns so there is sure to be one to suit the individual taste of any discerning cat. 

If your cat has been a Good Girl or Good Boy and deserves a  we think it will  one of these and they come nicely presented in Molly's Mice packaging, all ready to give to your little feline friend.