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Cute Little Kitten Collars

1 Comment28 March 2013  |  kelly

Today we were sent 2 of these little tiny kitten collars and we have never seen anything quite so cute as these.

These extra small cat collars are not only short but also narrow, light and dainty too and beautifully braided in ribbon as is the style of The Glamorous Cat.

I'm sorry my photos don't really do justice to these cute kitten collars. Mental note to self - think hard again about taking some photography lessons!


Not the cheapest kitten collars on the market at £10.49, but certainly the cutest and when you see the way these have been painstakingly hand braided with ribbon around the elasticated collar I'm sure you will appreciate the time, care and love which has gone into making these gorgeous little collars for a very special little kitten who simply deserves the best in life 

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