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Cat Harnesses - New Styles

4 Comments2 November 2012  |  kelly

We've added to our range of soft and safe cat harnesses today with these two new styles - Royal Stewart red tartan and green camouflage. They have both been teamed with complimentary leads so you can get out walking straight away.

Red Tartan looks quite striking on lots of cat colour coats - do they all look wonderful, or what?



For a more subtle look, and to blend in with the cats fur and surroundings, the Green Camo cat harness is an obvious choice and looks lovely on these cats, don't you think?



These safety cat harnesses are easy to put on, are escape proof and are made in the UK - not only are they very practical but they look gorgeous, too.


Marianne Solvin
24 April 2013  |  19:53

I am looking for an escape proof cat has learnt that by backing up she can get out of the regular ones made out of also needs to be cool as we live in hot humid area..

24 April 2013  |  23:20

Hi Marianne, Our customers keep reporting back that these are escape proof unlike the strappy kind (and we have tested one on our cat, too and found the same!). They are made with cotton which I'd think would a good fabric for a hot climate. Jane

Deborah O'dell
23 April 2015  |  16:38

I have an Egyptian Bronze Mau in need of one of your harnesses. He is a yr old and I would say 11 lbs. Do you have one in black? How much, American Dollars? Thank you

23 April 2015  |  17:57

Hi yes we have a black. It is about 28 dollars. There is a function on website to view different currencies so you can check prices in dollars