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Cat Loves Her Daily Walk

15 April 2013  |  kelly

Story of British Blue Cat Lulu and her Daily Adventure

Email messages from her owner 

End of March

Thank you so much, the super coolcat collar arrived today, and l am thoroughly pleased with it.

I have spent a long time and had gone into loads of pet supply shops looking for a suitable collar/harness for my little cat, and now am really glad l held off and looked harder until l came across your fab company.

The harness feels lovely and soft, is beautifully made, very sturdy and particularly stylish!  An absolute winning combination as far as l am concerned.

l have introduced my just 8 mnth old female British Blue to it and she has batted it around and smelt it, so far so good…..

I think it may be an intensive training process initially to get her into it, but l am determined for her so that she can get outside and play.

She is a very pretty cat and will look fantastic in her new harness.….


Update Middle of April

Thought you may appreciate a picture of your very happy kitty customer in her harness…….

I trained her to walk in it very quickly and now she miaows to have it put on so that she can go out on a little adventure each day.

Its very easy to pop on and off her, and as l suspected very well made so even if she pulls on her lead her harness stays on her nice and solid but not uncomfortable.

Thanks !

Photos of her in her harness enjoying her daily walk 

Lulu Bella Lugosi, a star and a real beauty!

We are so pleased she's enjoying her daily walking out with her new cat harness and lead. Please give her a kiss from us