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For Cats Who Don't Like Collars

7 January 2014  |  kelly

Does a collar irritate or annoy your cat?

Some cats just don't like the feel of a collar around their necks and scratch at them or try every which way to take the collar off, but their owners would love them to wear a collar so that they can attach a bell or a tag and maybe just for good looks. If this is you and your cat read on.

With this in mind we set about designing collars which as as light and as soft as possible so that cats wouldn't notice they had a collar on and we are told they are just the ticket. Cats who have previously refused a collar are wearing these very happily and love them.

Our most popular extra soft collars are the double velvet collars. They are simply 2 layers of velvet sewn back to back so they are soft on the inside and on the outside and very lightweight.

They have a bell but we would suggest removing this right at the beginning of training and then putting it back on once your cat has accepted the collar. Slowly, slowly catchy monkey wink

The look of the double velvet collars is more casual than the standard velvet collars because they are so soft and flexible, here are some photos of them in 4 popular colours - red green black and blue.

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