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Diamond Cat Collars

9 November 2012  |  kelly

Crystals are used to give the sparkle and appearance of a diamond cat collar and these crystals are most often held in settings which reflect the light back increasing the sparkle. Crystals set in this way are normally called diamante or in the US, rhinestone. 

The crystals used in cat collars are usually man made but you might find some which have used rock crystals which are naturally occurring clear quartz gemstones.

Man made crystals vary in quality and the best known and best quality ones are either Austrian (made by Swarovski) or Czech. 

Here is an example of a faux diamond cat collar made with Czech crystals - these have a very good sparkle and look quite stunning when massed together in this way in silver coloured claw shaped settings - full on bling.


An example of a cat collar made with the famous Austrian Swarovski crystal is this one - again very good sparkle, but in this one the crystals have been set into gold coloured settings which alters the look of the diamante somewhat in an attractive way.


The difference between crystal and glass is the lead content which crystal contains and the appearance of the crystal also depends upon the way it has been cut, the facets. The facets reflect light causing it to sparkle, in the same way as diamonds and other gemstones are have facets in the finished product

There may be a few people in the world who can afford to dress their cats up in diamonds  but for most of us a diamond cat collar will need to be a look-alike and very nice they are too, these crystal cat collars