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Does my cat need a cat collar?

Saturday, 16 March 2013  |  kelly

Does my cat need a cat collar?

We believe that all cats, whether they are indoor or outdoor pets should always wear a collar and tag for identification purposes. Cats not wearing collars are much more likely to be mistaken for strays by members of the public or to be taken in by a well meaning neighbour as they are not aware of the cat’s owner. The presence of a cat tag means that you are likely to be contacted much sooner in the event of an emergency which is something all responsible pet owners want. Cat collars and a properly engraved ID tag greatly increase the chance of your cat being returned to you as anybody who may find them will have your contact details to hand right away.
It is extremely important that any collar you buy for your cat is described as a “cat safety collar” these collars provide a mechanism which will open should the cat become snagged on anything during their adventures meaning the cat can go free unharmed. Not only that, the collar should be tested by yourself to ensure that the safety device is adequate for your cat. Obviously, here at Cool Cat Collars we only stock collars which have this sort of safety mechanism, tested by us. Our entire range are “Cat Safety Collars” with either a breakaway clasp or elastic.
Many people believe that if their cat is kept exclusively indoors then they do not need a collar. However, we would argue that cats being as mischievous and curious as they are will almost certainly escape once in their lifetimes (probably more!) A cat which is generally kept indoors will not be used to the dangers posed by the outside world and can easily become lost and frightened. This is exactly the time you will be glad of a collar and tag for your cat.
Aside from the safety aspect collars are an essential if you choose a cat flap with a magnetic “Key”. These cat flaps allow only your cat to enter and leave via a magnetic key attached to their collar. Please check the width of our cat collars to see if they are suitable for your chosen brand of flap.