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Fashionable Tartan for Celtic Cats

2 Comments18 January 2014  |  kelly

News Flash

For any of you cool cats who love the classy appeal of tartan, we have some good news for you!

We now have collars in pink, green, red, blue or purple, and harnesses in red or green.

You can see all of our tartans by clicking here

We love tartans for boy cats and of course for Celtic Cats.



Scottish cats - check this extra special collar for you in gorgeous purple tartan (in a colour which reminds us of purple heather) and decorated with a cute thistle charm.


Louvain Riddell
28 March 2014  |  12:53

I love your purple tartan collar with the thistle charm - it's lovely. We live in the north of Scotland and my husband says that Vienna is Scottish. I say that she is American because she lives in Mount Dora Drive - I'm just winding him up, of course. She's a British cat, with a Scottish Dad and an English Mum. Anyway..if you're selling your tartan collars, which you obviously are, can you tell me how much they are as I would like one. Thanks very muckle.

28 March 2014  |  14:31

Hi, we ran out of thistles and couldn't find any more so we made a new Scottish collar with bagpipes :-) It's £6.45