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How to get my cat to wear a cat collar

16 March 2013  |  kelly

How to get my cat to wear a cat collar?

A common problem for cat owners is how to get the cat collar to stay on your pet. Cats, especially when new to collars can try everything to remove them and as we all know, they are very determined when they want to be! It is very important for cats to easily slip out of their collars should they become snagged on something whilst out, this unfortunately means they can often free themselves at any given moment.
1) The first thing to check is that the collar is not too loose or too tight. Too loose and your cat will find it very easy to slip out, too tight and your cat will feel restricted and want the collar off as quickly as possible. For the perfect fit you should be able to easily fit two fingers between a fastened collar and your cat’s neck. Please make sure that as your cat grows to regularly keep checking the tightness of the cat collar and adjust accordingly.
2) There are number of different safety collar designs so trying a different safety mechanisms may help, elasticated collars tend to slip off more easily than the safety buckles for most cats. This is due to the buckles needing a short sharp jolt to snap open.
3) Another thing which may be frustraiting your cat is the type of material used in the collar or any attached bell or ID tag maybe irritating your cat more than the collar itself. You can try a few different materials to see how your cat reacts and also try removing the bell.
4) If your cat tries to escape from the collar as soon as it’s put on try to distract them by playing a game with their favourite toy or give them a small amount of food. Hopefully this will take their mind of the collar for long enough to mean they wont be in such a rush to escape.
5) Repeat steps 1 - 5!