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How to train your cat to wear a collar

2 October 2013  |  kelly

Tips as to how to introduce your cat to wearing a collar

Unlike dogs many cats are introduced to their first collar a bit later in life and so don't necessarily take to wearing one easily. Kittens generally take to a collar easier than an older cat.

These are our tips

  • Begin with a very soft collar which is light weight so that your cat will hardly notice it.
  • Leave the collar lying around the house for your cat to check it out and sniff it after rubbing it on your cats bedding
  • On first wearing, keep the collar nice and loose, gradually tightening it to the correct length
  • Remove the bell and introduce that a bit later once the cat is happy with the collar.
  • If you wish to add a tag we'd suggest a light plastic one at the beginning. 
  • If the cat seems irritated at first, remove after a short time and gradually increase the time it is left on
  • If your cat slips its collar off, replace it and give it a treat
  • Throughout the training process, take things as slowly as the cat needs, be patient, give treats and your efforts should be rewarded before too long!

How we can help

We have produced a number of very soft cat collars especially for cats who are new to collars and might reject a standard collar. These are all made with just soft fabric with no stiffening material and no webbing to make them as soft and light as possible. We have added small bells to suit these delicate collars.

You can find our selection of very soft collars by clicking here and we will be adding to the range as we have heard from cat owners that they proving to be a success.

Here are a few of our designs in girls, boys and unisex designs



A couple of comments we've had from cat owners:

Very  soft collar and the other only one I have been able to get my Birman to wear - she's 7.

I was looking for safe, light and very feminine collar for my new cat Poppy. There were plenty of them but this design is perfect and unique. Arrived very quickly and my Poppy is happy to wear it