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Kitty Carvings - Cat Pumpkin Designs

26 October 2016  |  kelly

It's the time of year when things start to go bump in the night...actually, if you're a cat owner things go bump, crash and bang in the night all year round! But anyway, it's Halloween and as one of the most celebrated holidays people will be going all out on the costumes, make up and of course pumpkins!

Pumpkins are great fun to create and displaying them in the window usually means you have a cupboard full of treats (of the human variety) for all the would be ghouls and ghosts. Rather than going to the traditional face this year though why not put the "cat lover" stamp on it to make extra sure the neighbourhood knows you are the local feline enthusiast. We've gathered together some great examples from all over the internet to provide you with inspiration in advance of the big day, be sure to send over pictures of your pumpkins to us on social media - Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Fun Black Cats

Black cats (with think wrongly!) are strongly associated with Halloween and of course witches and this excellent black cat pumpkin idea puts a fun slant on that theme.

Using 2 painted pumpkins, one slightly smaller stacked on top of another you can create the head and body of your familiar. Add eyes, ears, whiskers and of course a bushy tail and you're done!

There is a complete set of instructions, including templates over on


Tuxedo Cat Pumpkin

Another fab idea from especially if you aren't keen on using sharp knives and tools to cut shapes out of the pumpkins which can be a little tricky! We'll concede that they are not spooky but these Tuxedo cats look very decorative and it's all achieved without the need to get your hands dirty.

By placing a smaller pumpkin on top of a larger one you can create the head and body of your kitty, from there you can use your own choice of patterned paper and ribbon to finish off the design. All with no mess!


Cat Face Pumpkin

This SUPER cute cat face pumpkin (complete with feet and ears!) was created by Becca and her dad over at Lady Face Blog. A super simple but very effective pumpkin design which you can put your own stamp on. 

In her blog post Becca takes great photo's at each step making the whole project simple to follow. Her dad (the resident pumpkin carving ninja) also drops a few helpful tips for carving the purrfect pumpkin. Be sure to leave a comment on their post if you decide to make one just like this!



Grumpy Cat Face

Whilst most humans will be wearing masks for their Halloween trick or treat adventures there's one feline who certainly doesn't need a mask to show his displeasure - the one and only Grumpy Cat!

This idea from The Swell Designer again uses paint in order to create an unusual pumpkin design inspired by one of the most famous felines ever to take a selfie. In her post explaining the process Alexa takes you through step by step (including photographs) of how to create this brilliant Halloween homage.

Couldn't find one you like?

Never fear! These are just a handful of the pumpkins we really liked, there are still tons of other designs for you to choose from, we've listed a few great places to continue your search below: