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Luxury Cat Collars - 4 New Designs

27 July 2013  |  kelly

If you are looking for a luxury cat collar, something a bit different, something you won't find anywhere else, then take a look at our Unique Cat Collar section on the website.

Here you will find our own designs made with jacquard, woven or embroidered ribbon fabric which we have sourced from around the world to produce some very special cat collars for very special cats!

Our latest arrivals are made with jacquard imported from Malaysia. Jacquard is a woven fabric and this weaving process allows gorgeous intricate designs in fabulous colours to be created.

We have 3 new collars which have metallic thread running through them which catches the light and glitters - lovely! 


The last one is bright and colourful in fruity colours of lemon, orange and raspberry woven into a diamond pattern 


These are not cheap cat collars at £9.99 especially if your cat is one who is the habit of regularly losing its collar! So, why not keep a luxury cat collar for wearing on special occasions when he or she wants to look its best and, just as we humans do, and use a budget collar for everyday wear.