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Never Too Old for a Cat Harness

3 Comments11 April 2014  |  kelly

Bugsby, our latest catwalk model tells us a bit about how he felt when his humans decided he was going to don a cat harness and go for a walk in the garden


His humans said

"Our Bugsy was not too happy the first time but today, called him over and said I want to put his jacket on and, blow me down he came over and sat beside me and allowed me to to put it on without any objection!!

A half hour walk around the garden and in for treats and the end of a lovely day!

They said it could not be done, he’s too old, he is his own man well we beat him up and smothered him with treats and he went around and around the garden. It’s very breath-taking for me but and for Sue if he escaped so, the cat run comes in a week or two..
He does not seem to be smiling and hopefully he will associate the Tartan Jacket with going out!"

12 April 2014  |  10:32

Bugsy looks great! What an amazing harness! I had my first three cats in harnesses in the garden, but they never enjoyed walking (with me). Instead, they'd shoot off in different directions so it was hard to have them all out at one time, especially as one became so offended once in his harness that he would lie down and look as if he were sulking. In fact, I think he was! I tried putting netting around my bit of garden, but whatever I do one of my cats finds a way over, and I discovered how beautifully even my small cat can leap over 2.5 m in height and 1 m width (very elegantly too), so I've now resigned myself to letting them go the garden and I hope they'll be safe and happy for as long as they're able. The estate I live in isn't too busy, yet it's still a risk. Good for you helping Bugsy get outdoors. I think most, if not all, cats would enjoy the fresh air, grass, flowers and other experiences in the park, given the chance. Though they don't like harnesses much, my cats come along in a rucksack/cat carrier and we visit friends' houses quite often. In fact, I think they get invited and I get to go along too ...:)

Joy Adkins
12 October 2014  |  1:03

Hello Im in Canada, and am looking for a greg cat harness, love Bugsys , could you tell me where to purchase one like it please? thank you JOY

12 October 2014  |  8:40

Hi Joy, this is the one Bugsby is wearing