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Size of Tiger in India

7 December 2012  |  kelly

So how big is a tiger?

 I had a very exciting few minutes in India a few years ago and came into quite close contact with a most beautiful wild cat, a male tiger. My memory tells me he was about the length of a 3 seater sofa but maybe my mind's eye is playing tricks on me!

 What do you think? Here's a photo of his paw print - a cast impression taken from the park by one of the rangers and as you can see it's slightly bigger than an adult female humans hand.



Was he as big as a sofa or did my slight nervousness at being so close to such a powerful and magnificent wild cat make me see him as larger than life? He was simply awesome 


Ranthambore National Park Photos

This photo of Ranthambore National Park is courtesy of TripAdvisor