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Special Gifts for Cats

15 September 2015  |  kelly

Gift idea for cats and kittens

Whether it's your cats birthday or you are looking for a lovely present for Christmas or you want to get something to welcome your  kitten to its new home, a gift box from Cat Hampurrs could be just the thing you are looking for. That's not to say there needs to be a special occasion to give your cat a hamper, you could get one as a treat anytime, just because he or she is worth it!

A little bit behind the Cat Hampurr brand

If you like Cool Cat Collars then I'll bet my bottom dollar you'll also love Cat Hampurrs. Why do I think this? Because Kelly who originally started the Cool Cat Collars website many years ago has now turned her attention to creating Cat Hampurrs!

The Cat Hampurr team has had years of experience of providing products to discerning cats and their owners and the selections in these boxes have been carefully handpicked by them to satisfy the desires of those who prefer the finer things in life.

About the gift boxes

The thing we love about these boxes are that they are a surprise and it's the surprise element which makes a gift even more exciting to receive! They offer 2 boxes which contain foody goodies and toys and one hamper which is all about playing and having fun. Thoughtfully there is a choice of adult or kitten food boxes while the toy box is suitable for all ages of cat.

You can buy these boxes from us today

Click here to see the 3 different gift boxes