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Surprise Your Cat Each month

1 Comment11 April 2014  |  kelly

Today sees the launch of an innovative new subscription scheme for cat owners who can order a box of goodies for their cats to be delivered to them each month.

These cat hampers will contain 4 to 6 hand picked goodies including food, treats, toys, health products, grooming products and accessories and each month it will be a surprise for you and your cat. 

Here's a taster of some of the exciting gifts which could be included in your boxes over the coming months

Stuck for a gift idea for a cat owner? These hampers can also be purchased as a one-off for a unique gift idea.

Go on, why not treat yourself - you know you and your cat deserve it smiley


And what do our pets have to say about all of this?

Crazy says "Pretty please, I am a good boy"

Butty says, "But what about me,  I am a good girl aren't I?

Will they me making Woof Hampers soon?"

Cat Hampurr can be found by clicking here