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TV Documentary Vet Phobia

4 June 2015  |  kelly

Here's your chance for your little feline friend to be a Superstar on a TV documentary! We received this email today

I’m writing to you from a TV production company based in Bristol called Plimsoll productions because we are making an exciting new documentary about pets with severe cases of vet-phobia called “Pets who Hate Vets”.

This documentary will follow British pet owners who have come to dread the ordeal of going to the vet almost as much as their animals. We will meet people who have gone to extraordinary lengths to get their pets treated and will be helping a few whose pets simply won’t be coaxed into the car.

We are currently looking for pet owners with animals large, small and unusual who absolutely hate going to the vet. Whether they’ve devised a special method of duping their pets, or perhaps a specific device to lure them along, we’d love to know! Or if trips to the vet have become so bad that they are no longer on the cards, then we may be able to help. We have an animal expert on hand to help pet owners with strategies for the future, and treat a few poorly pets who simply can’t or won’t leave the house.

We will be filming across the UK this summer and would like to hear from people who might be interested in taking part in the programme. We were wondering if maybe you could share the attached flyer with your clients or on social media at all? Or maybe you already know some clients who might be interested.