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Velvet Cat Collars Back in Stock

2 Comments8 May 2013  |  kelly

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We have just taken delivery of more lush plush velvet cat collars so loads of colours are now available again.

Two delicious new colours have been added to the range - Blackcurrant, which is a rich deep purple  and Candy Floss, a sweet pink colour.


Coming soon 

More velvet cat collars are being made and will arrive in the next couple of weeks including fruity Lemon and Peach and also a grey velvet - but we haven't come up with a foody name for that yet! All suggestions welcome.

Gillian Sword
19 May 2013  |  5:29

Grey velvet, just has to be mouse grey!

19 May 2013  |  7:23

Of course - why didn't I think of that! I was only thinking of human foody things, haha. Mouse grey it will be, thank you.