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Why Buy Designer Cat Collars?

14 September 2014  |  kelly

Why Buy Designer Cat Collars?

Cat collars are quite popular these days. Although they don’t have the same purpose as dog collars, they can be quite useful. Cat collars are used for many reasons, but one of the most important ones is their ability to reunite the cats with their owners in case they get lost when an ID tag is attached.

People who are ready to spend a little bit more on their cat’s accessories are purchasing designer cat collars. This is surely an extravagant accessory, but we can all agree that buying the best things for your cat makes you happy. In case you are not familiar with designer cat collars, you should take few things into consideration.

To start with, modern designer cat collars are available in literally all shapes, styles, sizes and price ranges. In many cases, this specific type of cat collars is based on some theme. On the other hand, the themes are inspired by many different things, but in most cases it is associated with the type of cat you have or the specific breed. For example, if you have a Siamese or a Persian cat, it will  be perfect if you choose a collar that represents the colors of these regions. Grey or sandy cat collar will make your cat look perfect. Finding a collar that will emphasize the origin of the cat is getting quite popular these days.

There are also many cat owners who use the accessories used on their cats in order to make a personal statement about their furry friend that actually matches their personal preferences. Obviously, these preferences may not be attractive to other people, but nevertheless the owner looks at this situation as a perfect opportunity to reflect their personality and the personality of their cat. Let’s take female cats for example. If you are a woman and you own a female cat, then you will definitely want to find a designer cat collar that will help your cat look similar to you. For example, choosing a candy pink Swarovski Heart Cat Collar by Puchi is the favorite choice of many women. It is even better if you are a fan of certain jewelry and your cat is wearing the same jewelry (in this case we are talking about Swarovski). Those who want to make their cat look a little bit funny can choose designer cat collars based on the patterns of skin from different animals like zebras and jaguars for example. In addition, if you want to make your cat look more like a rock star, you can find many dark/black designer cat collars with decorations made of metal. Keep in mind that you can always buy several designer cat collars and change them depending on your outfit (so your cat’s outfit will match yours).

It doesn’t really matter what kind of taste you have because there is a designer cat collar which will help your cat get the appearance that you have always wanted.